Eating Out: Houston

Chef at work, originally uploaded by Frenchie01.

Here it is. My second review for the HoustonPress food blog, Eating Our Words. This time it was some good Chinese food from the Hong Kong Chef.

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  1. Replychefyourself

    Sorry guys. I'm in Argentina and this is the best I could, no links or anything. If you do a search for Eating Our Words, the post should come right up. I'll do better later.

  2. ReplyPlatanos, Mangoes and Me!

    One of these days we will have a dinner in Houston

  3. ReplyMargaret Ammons

    • Replychefyourself

      Thanks, Margaret! I guess at this point I could update the post itself. Are you my hubby's Margaret?

      • ReplyMargaret Ammons

        Yes, ma'am, I am . . . reading and enjoying your posts from the beautiful coastline of South Carolina.

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