Breaking bread

I’ve always found that to be an odd expression. The phrase itself sounds innocuous to me, but the meaning behind it makes sense. To share, to open one’s home and/or heart to another, to be welcoming. Philosophically, the idea of breaking bread is a great one. In reality, the idea of having to share my bread with someone, elicits murderous thoughts. No. Really. Don’t touch my bread!

Luckily, when I bake bread, the recipe results in enough of it that I’m able to, even if begrudgingly, share it with one or two people. Tops. You get the picture. So, a few weeks ago I made some bread. Panamanian bread, something we call Pan Micha.

Rumor has it, this recipe was brought to my homeland by the French when they attempted building the Canal. I have no verification for that story, but I do recognize some similarities with French miche bread. Thin, golden crust and soft, light inside. What I do know for sure, if that you will find michitas anywhere there is a bakery in Panama. 

I remember walking to school and stopping by the corner bakery–the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting in the air–and ordering ‘una michita con queso blanco y mantequilla‘ (a buttered michita stuffed with white cheese). Aaaaah, the bread would still be warm, the butter and local cheese melting into the center. Heavenly.

I found a recipe for it here, so I won’t retype it, just follow the link. What I want to tell you about, is how we ate them, after all, eating them is the best part.

You know I’m a traditionalist, so mine had butter and Queso Fresco. Nothing else needed. I did toast them a bit.

The Hubbz is a different story. He’s a man of excess, so he added some roast beef we had in the fridge. In Panama, we would’ve used ham or chorizo.

The bread was good, but not as light and airy as I remember michitas being, my quest for the perfect recipe continues.

Cookingly yours,

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Replynorma

    And I am sure you will perfect it. I think they look pretty good and would not mind a loaf....I like the chorizo idea better.

  2. Replymarcelina theresia

    Mmmmmmmm, Yummy. Brings back a lot of good memories. I love that bread exactly the way you describe it, but I have been looking for the "old" michita bread, and have not been able to find that crispy outside, and soft and hot inside. They're not making them as they use to. Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find it. When you do, send me a loaf. Ha! Gracias.

  3. Replydotlomar

    OMG! I can live on bread alone. I'll have butter only, please. I can almost smell this one through my computer screen.

  4. Replylovelylolacooks

    OMW! They look absolutely delicious! I have never seen anything like it over here, and I'm sure gonna try it out!

  5. ReplyBen

    It might not be the perfect one but it still looks delicious. I love to tray those sandwiches.

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