2011, you snuck up on me


The beginning of a year brings with it resolutions, promises, contracts, lists and lists. I don’t usually do the resolution¬†thing, but I’ve been thinking about shaking things up, making myself a bit uncomfortable. Here are some thoughts:

The Personal Front

  • Slow it down and reconnect with friends and family
  • Move. Physically move and increase my activity level
  • Help my puppy with her doggy manners
  • Organize (purge) the kitchen
  • Take non-food pictures every month
  • Read… like books
  • Have a set volunteering schedule

The Blogging Stuff

  • Move Chef It Yourself to www.chefityourself.com
  • Redefine my blog’s direction/purpose
  • Figure out the SEO and social media stuff (it’s a jungle out there)
  • Improve photography skills
  • Foodie networking
  • Interview/introduce new bloggers I like
  • Restaurant reviews

In the spirit of slowing it down, I’m stopping there. How about you? What big plans do you have in store for the new year? I would also love to hear from you; any suggestions you may have regarding changes or improvements to this little blog would be greatly appreciated.

For now, I wish you every happiness and fun and love and good food you can hold in your outstretched arms. Rock 2011!


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  1. ReplyJoan Nova

    Happy New Year Anamaris! "Improve photography skills". Really? I think you do a great job. "Move" and "Read" are high on my list too.

    • Replychefyourself

      I need to get out of the auto shots, I'm just chicken!

  2. Replymarcelina

    I like some of your thoughts, especially first point on the personal front. That sounds great, and I will be following on that front myself. Second one is volunteering, I have been thinking about that for a while, and 2011 may be the time to start doing something about it. Have a great 2011. Wishing you only the best!!!!

    • Replychefyourself

      I know, I think I may need to start scheduling time to do the catch up thing. At least until it becomes a habit.

  3. Replylifeinarecipe

    Happy New Year to you! I wish you much success with your resolutions and endeavors! I have many of the same resolutions as you. I too have decided to deal with my non food photos and so as if I don't have enough to do, I have started another blog..a photo blog...fast and easy and a great way for friends and family to connect. I am going to try and stop and smell the roses a little bit this year. http://noreturns.wordpress.com/ All the best and I look forward to following your blog this year! :-) Cindy

    • Replychefyourself

      It's looking really nice over there, Cindy. I think as foodies we spend so much time in the food world, we stop looking around. You may want to join me on Shutterboo's picture challenge too.

  4. Replyann eason

    You- once again, inspire me to have a more define list of goals.. Thanks for all you to do InSPIRE me in SO many ways... May be on our next "Jaunt" We can walk somewhere!

    • Replychefyourself

      Anni, walking would be good, maybe we can walk around your hood so I can find my dream home there

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