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I’m a late coffee bloomer. I didn’t discover the deliciousness of this beverage until I was 18 and got my first real job. See, my parents weren’t coffee drinkers. My mom grew up drinking tea; my Gramy used to make a huge pot of black tea , she would then sweeten and add milk to it. It ended somewhere between  English and Indian tea.

On the other hand, my dad would drink Postum. Do you know what that is? At the time I just thought it was yuck, but thanks to Wiki, I now know it is a caffeine-free coffee SUBSTITUTE. Postum was made from wheat bran, wheat, molasses, and maltodextrin from corn–sheesh, that explains my utter disgust for it. Why even bother? I don’t even remember the coffee aroma which is THE closest thing to crack I can think of.

Anyway, I got my first real job with a law firm in Panama and one of the partners would have his pot brewed fresh, then disposed of after a certain amount of time. But the stuff was awesome! I got my first few cups for free and my dealer was set for life after that.

I’m not going to tell you I’m a coffee connoisseur, but I will admit to being a coffee snob. I like it strong. I like it fresh. I like it with REAL sugar and cream. I like the nice roasts, but I did have my  flavored period. I’m over that now, I can’t even smell the stuff .

So, now that I’ve unleashed my coffee snobbery on you, let me tell you about this little gem I found while visiting one of Houston’s many Asian markets. Delicious is what it is! If, like me,  you enjoy dark, rich, strong coffee, you should look for this one. The hubby and I are living happily ever after because of it.

When you open the bag– it is packaged in 2 air-tight baggies– you’re confronted by beautiful dark grounds that are so aromatic, you may think this is flavored coffee. And the flavor is just incredible. All bittersweet and chocolatey. Pound for pound, buck for buck, it’ll laugh that Starbucks stuff right out of your pantry. Time for another cup. Enjoy it!

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