Steam bath

When I first moved to the US, cooking shows were mostly available on PBS. I would watch Julia Child, Chef Pepin, Ming Tsai, Emeril. These days I follow the likes of Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Giada and Ina Garten. Then there’s the British invasion: Nigella Lawson and, dot, dot, dot, Gordon Ramsay.

Thanks to my husband, Gordon is my current crush. Not meanie Hell’s Kitchen Gordon, but rather, suave F Word Gordon. I really enjoy watching him put together the most amazing AND simple dishes. He’s a believer in allowing the ingredients speak for themselves. He’s so talented and determined to get everyone in the kitchen. Apparently, he has been getting some flack for initiating a campaing to get women back in the kitchen. Must be the false feminists.

Back to the matter at hand.  Do you remember the Frugal Gourmet? Before his legal troubles, it was quite interesting to watch him. It was Jeff Smith who taught me how to boil, or sorta steam, the perfect chicken! He used a whole chicken, but I find the pieces easier to manage.

Any herbs you have will add flavor. Here I added cilantro, garlic, I had some leftover radishes too.

Put the chicken in a deep pot, add cool water to cover.  I like to add some flavor at this point, that way I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and end up with cooked chicken AND a delicious broth.

I add things like garlic, bay leaves, Italian seasoning, Herbs d’Provence, cilantro, carrots for a bit of sweetness, salt, pepper. Just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment or maybe an herb I’ll later use  in the dish. Once you have the chicken, water and seasonings in place, bring it to a boil over  high heat.

Once it boils, you may see some foam develop on top. If you want the broth to be very clear, go ahead and skim the foam with a spoon.

Then cover the pot, allow it to boil for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. It will be perfectly cooked, moist and flavorful. If I’m not in a hurry to use the chicken, I let it stay in the liquid until it cools. 

Ready to eat or add to your next recipe. There is a recipe where I made use of this chicken, it’s my Chicken with Crema Poblana, check it out.

As Gordon would say. Steamed chicken. Done!

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  1. ReplyJennifer

    I was also a big fan of Yan Can Cook on PBS. :)

    • ReplyAnamaris

      I don't know if I remember Yan. Oh wait, was he the little guy that kinda looks like Jackie Chan? IT IS HIM!! I do remember him.

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