Johnny, show them what they’ve won!

Well, it’s official! Chefoodie, aka Me, will be skiping off to Marxland with… drummmmmmmrollllllll….

Norma from Mangoes, Platanos & Me


Heather from Girlichef

Thanks again to the awesome people at Marx Foods for this fab giveaway. I’ll let you know what I get when I get it.

I’m psyched! That is all. Carry on.


Comments ( 5 )

  1. Replygirlichef

    WOOOOHOOOO! I'm beyond excited...thank you so much! I emailed you back...and now I'm dancing around in anticipation. :D

  2. Replypurplume

    Best luck! It couldn't happen to a nicer blogger. Have fun.


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What did "we" win??? I knew you could do it!!!

  4. Replymarcelina

    Have fun!!! Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Yeah, what did "we" win? Do tell!!

  5. ReplyJoan Nova

    Fun...congrats to all 3.

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