Mangalitsa, say whaaaat?

I have no idea how I’m able to type right now. Don’t be surprised to find typos, omissions, grammatical errors on this post. I just got word. And what a word.

I’m beyond myself!

Remember a few weeks ago I presented you with a recipe utilizing Mangalitsa ham on halibut? Do you, doyou?

Well, that beautiful ham came to me courtesy of Santa Marx, all I had to do was make something with it and share the recipe. What I didn’t know is that they were going to review the recipes submitted by all foodies and choose their favorite…

Can you guess yet? Do you know where this is going????? I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Well, I can. I’m at work. I checked my emails and there was one telling me the roundup of recipes was up. That was it. Nothing else. So I went to see them all. As I read through the post I saw it. The announcement for the favorite. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

YES! See what the good awesome folks at Marx had to say:

And the best mangalitsa recipe is…
The Marx Foods staff judges had a very difficult time deciding this one…all the submissions were excellent.  Ultimately Chef It Yourself’s mangalitsa halibut recipe won them over by a nose.  Congratulations Anamaris!  We’re sending a mangalitsa boneless mangalitsa neck your way, a cut perfect for rich winter braises.  Email Justin with your address and date that you would like the mangalitsa neck.

To all who submitted recipes, thank you!  The caliber of your creativity was beyond impressive, to say the least!

I have to say, I love cooking and I enjoy my cooking, but there’s nothing better than having others like your cooking. Thanks again to the Marx Foods team for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing product and MIL GRACIAS for the props! I’d like to encourage you to visit their site, they really do have amazing products AND go see the other recipes with this ham, I’ve been drooling over them for weeks now.

Super-excitedly yours,

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  1. Replynorma

    Holy Jamon....congratulations!

  2. Replypurplume

    Wonderful! You have something going you know. Your enthusiasm, destiny, talent, -- kudos to you.

  3. ReplyNikki

    Good Job Sista! So proud of you!

  4. ReplyJoan Nova

    Fabuloso...congratulations Anamaris.

  5. ReplyHeath Putnam

    Congratulations! We'll send you the neck on Monday for Tuesday delivery. I've got the following tips: 1) Slice off some steaks and sear those, a 2 to 3 minutes on each side. They call those "coppa steaks" in fancy Italian restaurants. 2) Slow roast the rest (225F for a few hours), until it is done. You really should slice off some steaks and try those, so you know what you've got. You definitely don't need a lot of herbs and spices on the neck. You are welcome to braise it, but if you do, you'll render fat that otherwise would stay in the meat. Here's more on the cut we're sending you:

    • Replychefyourself

      Heath, thanks so much for that beautiful slab of meat. I finally cooked it last night, leftovers tonight. It. Was. Amazing!

  6. ReplyArlene

    Kudos on your win! A beautiful dish, by the way.

  7. Replymarcelina

    Vaya, Felicidades. Congratulations, and I'm positive more good things are coming your way. Keep up the good cooking, Very proud of you!!!

  8. Replyraissa


  9. ReplyPeanut butter and chocolate

    That picture is mouthwatering! I'm deeply envious and infinitely hungry :) Thanks, Itai Matos (TFIM)

  10. ReplyDorothy

    Congrats to you and your mouthwatering dish.

  11. Replychefyourself

    aaaawwwwh, shucks. Thanks you guys! I keep doing this because of you, so don't go away.

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