2010. A year in recipes.

The last post was a word-free one. This one…, sorta. Twelve months, twelve dishes. Check it.

January: Those asparagus rolls were very popular, but this one, this was crazy good: Shrimp & Grits.

February: Lots of desserts that month, of course I would pick these. They’re good and pretty. Pretty and good, damn good and pretty. Pears with Bleu Cheese.

March: There was a LOT of food this month, a huge Foodbuzz event for me, that’s probably what led me to drinking. Have a Lemon Drop.

April: Tropical fruits and peeling a mango.

May: I made up dishes with pickles. Pickle & Onion Ravioli.

June: Sometimes you just want some dessert, have some Tres Leches.

July: There was pastry and beef. El Burek-o.

August: My Latina side finally kicked in, Fish al Ajillo, nena!

September: means there’s a lot of grilling still going on if you live in Houston, best Pasta Salad evahh!

October: A close look at foods in Panama. Memories and still trying to figure things out.

November: I shared my yuca-ddiction… Enyucado.

December: I went for the comfort foods. Maczetti!

These are some of my favorite dishes for 2010, here’s wishing you and yours a lot of goodness in the new year.

Cookingly yours,

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  1. Replynorma

    You are always so creative....

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