Maybe Eve was on to something

It’s that time of year again. The time when people release their fear of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. When I pester my friends to join me on countless patios for drinks. When I have perfect, frizz-free hair and impeccable makeup. The time when annoying kids begin minding their manners and grown-ups are on a mad dash to use up their vacation days. Tis the season for Honeycrisp Apples!

Ah. The. Perfect. Apple. Also, the best apple known to mankind. Mind you, I’m NOT an apple person. Every now and again I’ll go to town on a Granny Smith, then realize they’re super tart before I make it halfway through. I scoop apples out of my apple pie. I loathe apple juice.¬†apple cider and applesauce. When comes to apples, I’m a faithful type. I have eyes and taste buds for Honeycrisps alone.

What is it about this apple you ask? Well, it’s everything. For some wonderous reason they’re gigantic. They hold true to their name by being sweet as honey and crisp like celery. These babies are beyond juicy. I like to put them in the fridge before eating them. When you bite into them it’s like a burst of sweet, tart, juicy¬†apple goodness.

Original sin or not, if this was the apple Eve was tempted with, I TOTALLY understand her choice.

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  1. ReplyJay-Lo

    What kind of dessert (other than apple pie...yuck!) do you suggest using Honeycrisp apples? I too love them, but I dont like apple pie. I am a new to cooking so nothing fancy.

    • ReplyAnamaris

      I have some thoughts, J. Let me work it out and I'll share.

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